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Get Nail Polish Gel with Top and Base Coat Primer UV

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 Let your beauty bloom at your fingertips. 

Get the Gel Nail Polish -  Top Coat Base Coat Primer UV Gel, is designed to complement your skin. This professional series polish has a smooth and soft feel and are gentle on nail beds for a brighter touch

Silky and soft fingertip touch, continuous brightness  Lasting color lock.  A collection of soft and unassuming colors,  elegant and generous. Gels keep shiny up to 30 days.
Most popular colors optional. Suitable for all occasions.

Unique gel formula that can be used as a basic coat, top coat and primer in one step.

Nail Polish Gel  application image | Emassk Global


Perfect for a night out, for a casual day of errands  or for any occasion.

Gels go on so smoothly and easier than traditional nail polish.  It starts like a base coat, is a top coat and also a primer. Just put it on and forget about it for up to 30 Days!


Collected only from Wild, Free-range hives.

Moisture is reduced by natural way, taken from dense forest, hence its free from pesticides and antibiotics.

Smell, taste and texture varies according to major flowers occurring in particular season.

A Healthy Alternative to sugar, Natural BEST SWEETENER.

NMR Tested and Low Glycemic Honey.

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