Intelligent Airbag Eye Massager- Relieve fatigue | Migraine | Sleeplessness

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 15 minutes a day  can protect your eye sight from Fatigue | Migraine | Sleeplessness 

Intelligent airbag eye massager can effectively relieve fatigue. This is the brand new upgraded Intelligent Airbag Eye Massager which adopted smart touch screen, wireless portable,180 Degree fold, automatic timings, skin friendly fabric and adjustable headband. It can relieve fatigue of your eyes effectively and make your eyesight better with its special massage mode.

After a long time of work, you will feel especially tired and be a big pressure. Then you need this intelligent airbag eye massager to help you relax. This eye massager is with humanized design, it is portable for carrying, and also can be adjustable headband to fit any head size. It also has a Bluetooth function, so that you can listen to music while using it. At the same time ,it will bring you a lot of fun while using it.

Description: Intelligent Airbag  Eye Massager

The eye massager adopts intelligent air pressure, regularly massaged and compressed on the important points of eyes to clear the nervous system and relieve Fatigue, Migraine & Sleeplessness . It has great effect on reducing fine lines, fading dark circle and repair skin elasticity. With music guide, it can help you restore energy in about 15 minutes of music.

Product Features:

1. Intelligent air pressure, regularly massaged and compressed on the important points of eyes to clear the nervous system and relieve fatigue.
2. Made of high quality material, safe, durable, eco-friendly and harmless to your skin.
3. Constant temperature hot compress, activate blood circulation, eyes nutrient absorption capacity and enhance skin elasticity.
4. Vibration massage, vibrate the eye muscle group, restore the flexibility of ciliary muscle, improve eye fatigue.
5. Music guide, it can help you restore energy about 15 minutes of music.
6. Perfect for reducing fine lines, anti-wrinkles, fading dark circle, fading eye bags and other eye problems.
7. Suitable for school students, computer operators, people who use their eyes for a long time.
8. Foldable design, easy and convenient to carry in travel.
9. One button controls five modes, automatic/vitality/distinct/dynamic/sleep mode.


Intelligent Eye Massager,(IEM) a perfect combination of Airbag massage and Eye massager with five hands modes, the best choice to release your eye fatigue.




The following  US regions cannot be deliver: Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.

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