Our Belief

Around the world, people view the butterfly which represents endurance, change, hope, and life. 

The butterfly effect, when applied to business, Simple actions yield large rewards. To put it in another way, proper customer support in the right way does more to increase your business than any amount of money thrown at advertising or marketing ever could. Here, we firmly  focus on showcasing our  best customer support to our customer as so the Butterfly effect.
Our Butterfly brand logo Emassk™ symbolize Nature and Beauty.
Emassk Global | United States

Our story

Emassk, Natural Health and Beauty product store, founded on a commitment to ensure everybody Live Better and Look Better. We are a company which is by the people and have a dedicated mind-set to make ends possible for each and  everyone.
Emassk is a catalyst for the customer to empower Live better, and Look Better.
At Emassk, we  see the needs and trends through your eyes and mind, and we work together to bring products, which are tailored to your liking, and deliver it right to your door with promise of quality in a timely frame.

"We are Honey Minded people yet, Mind for the Beautiful people too"

Our Products

100% Raw Wild Organic Honey Premium Quality  

Yoga Vajraasan | Live Better | Emassk Global


Eating the right foods can lead to a longer, healthier life.

Honey is one of the most appreciated and valued natural products introduced to humankind since ancient times. Honey is used not only as a nutritional product but also in health.

EMASSK honey Hunters are unlike any other “real” honey gatherers. We are the only ones who expertly source wild honey from some of the most bio-diverse and unreachable forest sections

We go deep into the wildest parts to source real forest honey
There’s nothing else like this – we can prove it
Unfiltered, unpasteurized wild honey
Straight from the Eastern and Western Ghats

Tested for natural perfection

100% natural, wild, organic, pure, and cruelty-free honey from unreachable  forests.


Beauty, Skin and Personal care Essentials  - 

Look better Naturally | Emassk Global



You have a natural beauty that is all your own,

But sometimes you might want to enhance your looks with makeup or natural strategies.

Start with the “windows to your soul,” also known as your eyes, and then amp up your beautiful smile by making your lips look bigger. After that try some techniques to improve the overall appearance of your skin, hair, and nails.

Everyday or nowadays there is a new brand with a new idea about how to become or remain Beautiful. Women on the journey enjoying new products and finding new brands. There are larger generational shifts of younger consumers rejecting the large brands in store and prefer to seek online.

The Beauty, Personal, and Skin categories continue to explode with more Latest, advanced and affordable Online products. There is a perception that Beauty, skin, and mind are linked and there's a connection between Beauty, skincare, and wellness.  Now half the growth in beauty Products is online and we not only promise quality in a timely frame but Trust.


Our Values

Commitment : We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers' lives.
Trust : Focus on the Customer and all else will follow.
Quality : What we do, we do well.
Delivery : We not only Promise Time but Trust.

Our vibe

At Emassk, We believe there is a better way to shop online. A more valuable and less invasive way ,where customers earn their product rather than just buying. We are obsessively passionate about it. Our mission is Product Performance and Price.
For any inquires : support@emassk.com
Butterfly Effect on Business | Emassk Global

Our Focus 

“Conversion do not come first. Customers come first. If you take care of customers they will take care of the Conversions”