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Why do you mean by 100% real forest honey?

In the honey industry, brands can simply make tall claims about providing healthy products. Words like “Real”, “Pure”, and “Original” are tossed around – without any of them meaning much. At EMASSK Wild Honey Hunters, we only collect 100% real forest honey from the most interior and uninhabited parts of the forests, mountains, creepers and wild trees. We only provide naturally collected honey from the wild, free-range hives – not single commercial box hives. We also don’t filter, heat, or pasteurize the honey.

How is real forest honey any different?

Real forest is not just healthier and tastier – it is also seasonally unique. The color, taste, and texture changes all through the year – depending on the major floral variety of the season. That’s why Emassk Wild Honey Hunters is able to provide such remarkable types of honey every year, including the extremely rare Neela Kurinji and Karung Kurinji varieties.


Why does 100% natural honey have different colors, tastes and textures?

Simply put, honey originates from floral nectar. Hence, the properties of a particular honey variety will change every season as per the floral ecosystem of the particular region.

What are types to of Raw Honey?

Our natural honey products have their roots in the most interior forest trees, plants, mountains, creepers and wild flowers and we bring four types of honey


What are the flavors of raw honey available online?

Every drop of raw honey is 100% natural and ethically sourced only from wild inhabitant forest we do not add any artificial flavor and the honey solely bring the natural flavor which we call it VARIETIES.

1. Balloon Vine Honey 2. Single Hive Honey 3. Black Board tree Honey 4. Small bee Honey 5. Multiflora Honey 6. Neem Honey 7. Rare Kurunji Honey 8. Exotics Karun Kurunji Honey 9. Neem Honey 10 Black Plum Honey 11. Moringa Tree Honey 12. BR Tiger reserve Hills Honey


Why is there so much demand for real forest honey?

Wild forest honey is, inarguably, the best naturally available immunity booster in the world. As the native tribes would attest to it, real honey can strengthen your ability to carry out day-to-day activities along with helping you gain innumerable health benefits.

How do you extract 100% natural forest honey?

There are no crash courses to mastering the art of honey gathering. In fact, even finding a single beehive during a dry season is a unique skill-set developed over time. Our experienced honey gatherers watch the bees collecting nectar, observe the direction of their flight, and take keynotes on the bee droppings to locate the hives.

Who actually collects the forest honey in unreachable places?

Emassk Wild Honey Hunters only uses native gatherers who belong to the local tribes. In turn, they use the wisdom they’ve accumulated over generations to gather the honey from touch-to-reach spots. We also make sure to get governmental permission to enter areas such as the BR Hills Tiger Reserve.

How do you ensure that your forest honey collection methods are bee-friendly?

Bees are also a major part of the culture and tradition of our native honey gatherers. They take great care to ensure that not a single bee is harmed and that the flock returns to rebuild the hive in the same place.

What are the specific health benefits of using Emassk Wild Honey Hunters products?

Besides the invaluable immunity-building properties, Wild Honey Hunters’ products have been proven to help reduce bone, joint and ligament ailments, deal with BP issues, purify the blood, cure digestive problems, relieve throat infections, and maintain healthy skin. Our Blackboard tree  and Moringa honey varieties have also helped customers resolve fertility issues in both genders.

Is it available online in all countries?

We ship to all countries where DHL is available and We provide FREE SHIPPING  to USA, AUSTRALIA and NEWZEALAND and we charges nominal shipping charges to Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Central African Republics.

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Our 100% naturally collected and processed honey is not just healthier and tastier – it is also seasonally unique. The colour, taste, and texture changes all through the year – depending on the major floral variety of the season. In fact, the only thing unseasonal is the utter deliciousness!

Emassk Wild Honey Hunters are unlike any other “real” honey gatherers. We are the only ones who expertly source wild honey from some of the most bio-diverse and unreachable forest sections ensuring Raw, Pure, organic wild Honey available online at affordable price.

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