American liquid Lip Gloss Moisturizing Tubes - Allen Shaw

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 Naturally wake you up with a just tinted lip look

Rumor has it, if you wear Allen Shaw's Lip Gloss to sleep, it will naturally wake you up with a just-awake tinted lip look. (And who wouldn’t want that?) This color-changing gloss is made with the best conditioners, and multiple ingredients that offer healthy, smooth, and supple lips and cheeks. But there’s more to this product than just good looks.

A water-based texture with a matte texture

Allen Shaw Lip Gloss Moisturizing is a breathable and light feel that is perfect for a natural look. For a natural look, Allen Shaw - Lip Gloss is breathable and light. The powder is delicate, silky and soft and is easy to apply. The color is slightly matte. The color is slightly matte, shimmering and rich, with full color and high color rendering. Easy to color,  brighten skin tone.

Waterproof and sweatproof

Make-up is not easy to fall off, and can last for a long time. One box can be used for blush, eye shadow, etc. Small and light, easy to carry. Suitable for various occasions.

Available 12 colors  in a range of  shades, "Allen Shaw  Lip Gloss" are fashion goods made with your favorite models.

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