Natural Raw Honey Online 100% Wild - Balloon Vine | Premium Quality

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100% Natural Raw Honey Online Premium | Proudly Produced by Wild Bees

Balloon Vine Honey - 100% Raw Organic Wild Honey

Taste the soothing nectar of Balloon Vine Creeper plants.

Natural Balloon Vine Plant or  Indravalli Plant(Balloon Vine) or Mudakathan Keerai Is a Highly Medicinal Valued Creeper Plant With High Iron And Calcium Contents. It Is Used As Medicine For Bones, Joints, And Ligament Ailments. As The Nectar Of Balloon Vine creeper also, Reflects The Properties of Plant. Balloon Vine Honey Is Also Rich In Iron And Calcium.

Balloon Vine Honey 100% raw Honey online "Natural Wild" Is One Of Our Iconic Best Tasting Honey And Highly Liked By Most People As It Possess A Fruity Taste.

Its also called "ATHLETES HONEY"


•The Highest Quality Raw Honey: The honey is 100% raw, unprocessed, and pure with no additives. It is a great natural source of minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

• It Provides Energy & Endurance: The honey provides instant energy and endurance  to help sportspeople/workouts performance at their best.

• Improves Blood Count & Blood Pressure: the honey improves the blood count and  controls blood pressure in a natural way.

• Great Taste & Aroma: The honey has a fruity taste which most people like as it is pure and natural.

• Improves athletic and workouts performance by being a quick energizer for sportspeople and fitness freak.

• Improves blood count and controls blood pressure.

• Improves, bones, joints and ligament ailments.

• Improves general health and well being.

Calcium rich Balloon Vine (Mudakathan) honey is very good for bone joints and ligaments Improves athletic performance by being a quick energizer for sportspeople Improves blood count and controls blood pressure.

From an athlete’s point of view, Balloon Vine Honey has been known to improve athletic performance and endurance. It is packed with essential nutrients such as calcium that helps improve blood count and controls blood pressure, making it beneficial for heart health as well.


Benefits of Balloon Vine Honey


Collected only from Wild, Free-range hives.

Moisture is reduced by natural way, taken from dense forest, hence its free from pesticides and antibiotics.

Smell, taste and texture varies according to major flowers occurring in particular season.

A Healthy Alternative to sugar, Natural BEST SWEETENER.

NMR Tested and Low Glycemic Honey.

Natural Raw Honey Online 100% Wild -  Balloon Vine | Premium Quality

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