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100% Natural Raw Honey Online Premium | Proudly Produced by Wild Bees


Black Kurunji - 100% Raw Organic Wild Honey

Get honey sourced from flowers that bloom once in 7 years!

Rare & Exotic Honey | Emassk Global

Kurunji (Melia azederach var.caspica) is a rare, wild honey. It is also known as the “Black man of honey” or “Black Kurunji”. This honey has an exquisite, delicate flavor and is the rarest type of honey in the world.

Natural Kurunji honey is very rare and can only be found once in 7 years. It is found in the forests of Western Ghats, India. It is produced by the black bees which are the endangered species. This honey has medicinal properties and can cure many diseases. The colour of this honey changes with maturity which makes it unique from other honeys.

Similar to the Neela Kurinji variety, Karung (black) Kurinji honey is one of the rarest types of honey in the world. It is sourced from a shrub that blossoms only once in seven years. On the mark of this seventh year (2021) and with the blessings of the honey bees, we successfully harvested this honey and started delivering it around the globe. We source Indian Karung Kurinji 100% Natural Raw Honey online Organic Wild using only natural methods and unlike nobody else does!

The flowers are monoecious and once in seven years, they produce this rare, golden colored raw Honey online. This honey has delicate flavor so you do not need to blend it with other honeys or sweeten it for consumption.


Black Kurunji - Bio Region Wild Honey



Collected only from Wild, Free-range hives.

Moisture is reduced by natural way, taken from dense forest, hence its free from pesticides and antibiotics.

Smell, taste and texture varies according to major flowers occurring in particular season.

A Healthy Alternative to sugar, Natural BEST SWEETENER.

NMR Tested and Low Glycemic Honey.

Natural Raw Honey Online 100% Wild -  Black Kurunji | Premium Quality Assurance

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