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Black Plum Honey-Jamun Honey - 100% Raw Organic Wild Honey

Enjoy the uniquely bitter and sweet Jamun wild honey.

Natural Black plum (kalanchoe pinnata) honey is an herbal honeys that possesses a host of beneficial properties.

Black plum honey is a dark and highly aromatic honey, which has a long history in traditional medicine. It is believed to support the body's internal organs and its main functions. As this honey is high in tannins, it should not be consumed by infants or children under the age of 1 year old.

This is a unique and healthy honey made from the nectar of Jamun (Blackberry) and plum. Its consistency is like molasses and it tastes a little bitter with astringent properties. The Black Plum Honey has anti-aging properties and can clear blemishes, making your skin soft and supple. It is also known to lower cholesterol levels in the body and can be used for treating various skin-related issues like eczema, psoriasis, and boils.

Black Plum Honey (Jamun honey)raw Honey online is probably the only variety that tastes a little bitter, but there’s no doubt that you will be back for more! We expertly collect this honey during the annual flowering of Jamun trees. Packed with iron content, Jamun honey is (100% Raw Honey online Organic Natural Wild Honey) a vital source of Vitamin A and C. It is also rich in astringent properties, which can go a long way to treat skin-related issues.

Black plum honey has astringent properties. Black plum is used to treat skin and blood disorders, which explains why it is so effective in treating eczema, psoriasis and other skin rashes.

Black Plum Honey is sent straight from the hive to you. It's loaded with rich antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Whether you're using it as a spread on your toast or in your tea, you'll find that it instantly warms the throat and soothes the soul.

Black Plum Honey-Jamun Honey -Bio Region Wild Honey


Collected only from Wild, Free-range hives.

Moisture is reduced by natural way, taken from dense forest, hence its free from pesticides and antibiotics.

Smell, taste and texture varies according to major flowers occurring in particular season.

A Healthy Alternative to sugar, Natural BEST SWEETENER.

NMR Tested and Low Glycemic Honey.

Natural Raw Honey Online 100% Wild - Black Plum | Premium Quality Assurance

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