Invisible Body Shaper Corset & Shoulder Support Brace For Women

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Flawless support for a woman's body! Forget about boring, heavy, clunky shoulder braces.

The invisible body shaper corset and shoulder support brace for women has underbust design, waist cincher, reshape the body and give you a perfect curvy figure instantly. It is comfortable and breathable enough to wear all day and night without feeling too hot or constrictive.

The material (Nylon 80% and Spandex 20% ) has great flexibility and elasticity without compromising support. This shoulder brace helps to relieve pain in shoulders and upper back, which comes from long hours of sitting at the computer or doing physical jobs. The underbust body shaper corset can also help slim down your waistline while improving posture and providing compression to the abdominal and lower back muscles.


1.Elastic material, easy to fit your body. Body sculpting underwear can be rebuilt, reshape the body curve and support Shoulder perfectly. 

2. Invisible Body Shaper help girls be back straight anytime. No matter where you are, you are definitely an elegant girl with outstanding royal temperament and charming breasts and Shoulder Support Brace.

3.The back of this product is scientifically designed as a "X", whoever wears it look younger and slimier. 

4. Also it can be perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend. 

5. The thing you need if you have formed the habit of hunchback 

Specifications : Invisible Body Shaper
Material: 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex
Color: Black and Complexion
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Recommended size chart

                    Under Bust      Underwear Size      Suggest Weight     
       S             60-70cm                -- 32           under 50kg     
      M             70-80cm           32 -- 36           under 55kg     
       L              75-85cm           34 -- 38           under 60kg     
    XL          75-95cm           34 -- 42           under 70kg     
    XXL          75-105cm           42 --                under 75kg     

Package: 1pcs

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