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Rare & Exotic  Kurinji Honey -100% Raw Organic Wild Honey

Savor honey sourced from flowers that bloom once in 12 years!

Rare & Exoctic Honey| Emassk Global

Neela Kurinji Is A Shrub Variety Of Plant That Originates And Found In Abundance Over The Southern Parts Of Western Ghats Especially In Kodaikanal And Munnar. Neela Kurinji Has A Unique Character Among The Plants And It Blossoms Once In Twelve Years And That Particular Season Is Celebrated As A Festival In Southern Parts Of Western Ghats. Botanists And Nature Lovers From All Over The World Club Together In Kodaikanal And Munnar To Witness This Mesmerizing Event.


The Chance To Collect Neela Kurinji 100% Raw Natural Wild Honey Comes Once In 12 Years, Making It The Rarest Honey On The Planet. With Its Transparent Greenish Yellow Texture And Unique Taste, It Is Considered As LIQUID GOLD. Wild Honey Hunters Feel Privileged To Own The Neela Kurinji Honey Collected In 2018 And The Next Season Is In 2030.

Natural Kurinji honey is a rare and exotic honey that comes from the Kurinji flower which blooms only once in 12 years. This year, the flower will bloom and we will be able to collect Kurinji honey. We do not know when we will be able to collect it again. The Kurinji flower has its origin in southern India. Locals there have used this miraculous honey for thousands of years for its medicinal properties and also as an aphrodisiac. The variety is only available Raw Honey online


High in antibacterial properties
Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
Increases metabolism

Benefits of Kurunji Honey


Collected only from Wild, Free-range hives.

Moisture is reduced by natural way, taken from dense forest, hence its free from pesticides and antibiotics.

Smell, taste and texture varies according to major flowers occurring in particular season.

A Healthy Alternative to sugar, Natural BEST SWEETENER.

NMR Tested and Low Glycemic Honey.

Natural Raw Honey Online 100% Wild - Rare & exotic Kurunji | Premium Quality Assurance

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