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Premium Manicure & Pedicure Kit portable - 15 in 1 set

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Get a salon-like mani-pedicure session at home!!

This is the Premium perfect gift for the man or woman who loves to be well-groomed! everything they need to keep their nails and cuticles looking neat and tidy. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to look their best! 
This complete stainless-steel kit made of high quality includes everything you need for a luxurious at-home spa experience, all housed in a chic leather case. They're perfect for both natural and artificial nails, and will help you achieve salon-worthy results every time.  
Plus, it comes in a stylish leather case that's perfect for taking on the go. And best of all, 
you can choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect match for your style.so, pick the perfect match for your style. 


For Hand Care
1x Fingernail Clipper: Trim fingernail

1x Cuticle Nipper: Trim callus or cuticle

1x Obtuse Push Broach: Push back the cuticles on the surface of the nail or remove nail polish

1x V-Shape Push Stick: Trim surface, hangnail, callus, valid, dead skin, etc

1x Cuticle Knife: Trim cuticle or nail polish

1X Nail File: Make nails rounded, smooth after trimming nails
For Facial Care
1x Eyebrow Tweezers: Pluck eyebrow and ingrow hair

1xEar Pick: Cleaning ear

1xBeauty Scissors: Trim eyebrow
For Foot Care
1x Toenail Clipper: Trim toenail

1x Ingrown Toenail Clipper: Trim thick toenails or ingrown toenails

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