Shapewear & Waist Body Shaper/ Trimmer for women 2022

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Feel More secure and confident with       your NEW figure

Shape hourglass body Figure and Invisible under any kind of clothes without being noticeable.

A great undergarment for women who are looking to correct their posture, enhance their femininity, or just look slimmer in their clothes. Comfortable waist cincher that helps support the back and abdominals while also slimming down your waistline.

1. It's really hard to find the perfect shapewear, but WaistBody Shaper is definitely one of them. We designed it to give you the best posture correction and back support while wearing it. 2. The unique design makes you look  slimmer instantly! 3. Perfect waist trainer, shaper and body shaper for women, who want to look thinner instantly! 4. Ideal for everyday wear (no matter what you are doing), including office, yoga, gym or even party or date night .

Waist body shaper/shapewear/Back Corrector must be combined with long-term scientific exercise and Healthy eating.


Best for Zumba, yoga, gym, fitness, running, cycling, and much more sports, fat burning, and weight loss and bodybuilding, reduce your belly size and enhance pressure on the belly, helps you have a nice body shape. Ideal to wear in working, gym, party, wedding, dating, shopping, indoor and outdoor, daily. etc.


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Function: Ideal for providing compression and support for, postpartum recovery or post abdominal surgery, section, lose weight, abdominal strains, and weakness, tummy trainer, slimming Shapewear

UPGRADED FABRIC◀ The neoprene layer (2.0mm thickness) will increase your abdominal area temperature (Sauna Effect), it will cause you to sweat and reshape and reduce fat deposits. The inner layer has been designed to absorb the sweat so that you will not feel uncomfortable.

MAXIMIZE FIRM CONTROL◀ Comes equipped with two adjustable and durable velcro straps for strong support and to enhance the compression around your tummy and waist.

BACK SUPPORT & POSTURE CORRECTION◀ 3 flexible spiral steel bones provide support in the lower back, which allows the cincher to help you relieve back pain and correct your posture. It also helps to avoid the cincher from rolling up when you seat or move.

REFINE YOUR WAISTLINE◀ Inner cincher zipper belt can work as a tuck belt to flatten your stomach instantly and the outer velcro belt hides bulges on your abdomen to create a smooth belly, enhancing your workout and shape your waist to be slimmer.

EFFICIENT WAIST CINCHER◀ Waist trimmer belt can effectively firm control flabby fat in the abdomen and waist to make your body no lumps or bumps or bulks, which can make your body get back to its original shape, giving you a beautiful hourglass figure.

INCREASE FAT BURNING◀ Neoprene material helps raise our body core temperature and keep the body warm, just like a sauna around your abdomen, making you sweat 3 times more than ever before and increasing calories burning for a more effective workout. It also helps burn fat in the belly, waist, and back, helping you lose a few inches in a short period of time, easier and faster to achieve a slimming effect.

POSTPARTUM SHAPEWEAR◀ This product is strong enough to be used as a boned waist training corset. It boosts thermal activity and gently lifts underbust, you can easily control your tummy just by putting it on to take inches off your waist and create an hourglass figure and promote a quick postpartum recovery.


This new waist training shaper for women is designed to give you a slimmer, more youthful figure. It's easy to put on and take off with the no-slip design.


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Height: 22cm

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