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Bone and Joint Ligament - Outline

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Bone and Joint Ligament is a connective tissue that connects bones and joints. It is a band of tissue that holds these bones and joints together. Joints are very important for our everyday life as we need to move our body parts. It is very important to have strong bones and joints so that we don't suffer from injury. Ligaments are mainly made up of proteins, which are called collagen. Collagen is formed from cells called fibroblasts. Bone is a hard tissue, which makes up our body parts. Bone plays an important role in growing and maintaining our body parts. If our bones suffer damage due to injury, we are at risk of developing bone disease.

Bone disease can cause severe pain, as well as disability. Bone disease can also affect the function of the heart, circulatory system, lungs, and the nervous system. Bone disease is caused by a lack of calcium or a change in the bone structure. Bone disease, also called bone disease, can occur in bones which form our body. Bone disease will weaken the bones and make them more susceptible to other diseases such as arthritis. Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease, which results in the loss of bone density. It can weaken our bones and can make us prone to bone fractures.

Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) most common in adults over age 40. It progresses slowly and tends to affect commonly used joints like the:

• wrists
• hands
• hips
• knees

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Bone disease is usually caused by poor function of our body, poor diet, lack of exercise, or stress. Bone disease can also be caused by the body's inability to absorb the minerals (calcium, vitamin D, and calcium) that it needs to function properly. Bone disease, which includes osteoporosis, is not usually curable, but can often be prevented by making changes to your lifestyle.


An injury to the ligament can be very painful. The ligament is the soft tissue that connects bones to bones, and connects bones to other body parts such as muscles. Ligaments are extremely important for your body as they are very important to your joints and your bones. Ligaments also protect your bones.

Bone and joint ligament must be strong to support bones and joints; ligaments, which are like a bandage, prevent bones and joints from moving freely and protect your bones and joints from injury. Over time, injuries to ligaments can cause ligament tear (sprain). Most injuries are caused by overuse, which is when the joints and ligaments are overused. The most common ligaments which can tear are anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).

If you are unable to have regular exercise, you should ensure that you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D. Your diet should be low in salt and dairy products. You should also avoid alcohol and excess caffeine. Get enough sun and exercise. Try to avoid sitting down for long periods of time.


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Today, with the advancement of modern lifestyle, people are prone to suffer from osteoarthritis (OA) and other bone and joint problems. Balloon vine honey is natural specialist for bone and joint ligaments problems. Balloon vine’s medicinal properties are due to its ability to adjust pH, which aids in the prevention of osteoarthritis by preventing the breakdown of cartilage. Being a natural medicine, balloon vine honey has no side effects and is very safe.


Balloon Vine Honey is an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is a mineral that is found in many foods including milk, green vegetables and grains and is also found in many other foods including bananas, legumes, and almonds. Calcium is found in the blood and bones and it is required for a healthy heart and nervous system. Calcium plays an important role in the muscles and nerves, and it helps with the process of cell division, which is important for the growth and development of bone, teeth, and muscles.


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  1. Improves athletic performance by being a quick energizer for sportspeople

  2. Improves blood count and controls blood pressure

  3. Anti-Arthritic Activity

    Balloon Vine has been used for treating arthritis and this traditional use has been supported by research. Balloon Vine is given to patients suffering from arthritis regularly and it greatly helps reduce the inflammation and pain.

  4. Anti-Ulcer benefits

    Another important property of is it’s anti ulcer properties. Balloon Vine leaves extract got by boiling the leaves in water has a mild anti ulcer properties and people who suffer from acidity will greatly benefit including Balloon Vine in your diet.t.

  5. Anti-Diarrheal Properties

    Balloon Vine Honey has anti-diarrheal activity and has been traditionally used for it in certain places in Asian Countries. This has been proven through research and this is because of the presence of tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, sterols, triterpenes and saponins present in Balloon Vine.

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From an athlete’s point of view, Balloon Vine Honey has been known to improve athletic performance and endurance. It is packed with essential nutrients such as calcium that helps improve blood count and controls blood pressure, making it beneficial for heart health as well. 


Balloon Vine  is a stunning fixing to remember for our eating regimen as it has astounding dietary benefit, therapeutic uses and medical advantages. It is particularly notable for treating joint torment and advancing hair development. We should utilize both  Balloon Vine leaves and Balloon Vine Honey for broadly in home cures for Joint pain prevention. 


Few of the popular common names of the plant are Ambeang baek, Balloon Vine, Love-in-a-puff, Winter cherry, balloon vine heartseed, heart pea, small balloon creeper, small balloon vine, lesser balloon vine, Small balloon vine, blue passionflower, blue passionfruit, Blister creeper and upland Cotton. The plant produces fruits that have the shape of the balloon hence its common name, balloon plant. 


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