Honey has been used as a cough suppressant / Allergies

Honey has been used as a cough suppressant and it is also anti-inflammatory but does Raw honey help with allergies?


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when you inhale pollen seasonal allergy symptoms such as sneezing runny nose sore throat and coughing etc begin to trouble you. There is some anecdotal evidence that  raw honey is good for allergies and its symptom relief but the scientific evidence is not conclusive before we look into a few smaller studies done . The basic hypothesis since honey is made by bees from the same flowers honey should act like allergy shots.


A 2002 study published in the journal annals of allergy asthma and immunology did not find any benefit of honey on symptoms of allergy the 36 participants divided into three groups were given one tablespoon of raw unpasteurized honey and other substitutes. None of the group show any improvement in allergy symptoms so is honey not good for allergies. No with this research we can't conclude that it may be possible that the quantity& Quality  of honey used was not enough.


So another study published in 2013 in the journal annals of Saudi Medicine gave Raw honey to participants based on their body weight. Every participant was given one gram  raw honey per kilogram body weight for four weeks and were compared with a group given placebo. There was not much improvement in four weeks but the group with honey consumption began to show significant improvements after eight weeks and months. Thereafter it appears that higher doses of Quality  honey improves allergy symptoms in the long term.


More studies on a larger scale will probably give a clear indication of whether honey is good for allergies or not how much honey can be safely consumed daily can also have limitations whether those safe limits are sufficient to reduce symptoms of allergy. You look at allergy shots, they are highly potent with pollen honey reach those levels to prevent and reduce allergy symptoms are those of Raw Wild Honey which has all Minerals intact unlike pasteurized/Processed/regular Honey


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More research can certainly be helpful however anecdotal evidence and preliminary scientific research indicate that there is no harm in trying honey out for allergies.It has already been proven as a good cough suppressant at least coughs that are one of the symptoms of allergy can be controlled. Bottom line is it is not conclusively proven that honey is good for allergies but anecdotal evidence suggests that it works relatively good and its Natural Therapy.


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