Raw Honey Vs Processed Honey

Raw and process honey..???  which one is superior

 Honey is a golden the colored sweet syrupy liquid that is also used as a sweetener it is used in India as well as in all parts of the world in various forms as a sweetener for Cakes  Cookies and Baking industry as well as in Household cooking,  Medicinal and Health & Fitness too. Lets us see the process of Both Honey and its significance.

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There are two Types honey

  1. Raw honey
  2. Processed honey (Regular)

Raw honey it is just the natural honey that is extracted directly from the honeycomb and it is packed and sealed and no processing is involved in raw honey so while seeing about the nutritional aspects it is believed that the raw honey has higher nutrition nutritious substances compared to processed

Raw honey process

 Initially the honeycomb is taken it is cut and sliced into pieces after this it is allowed to pass through a screw press. The screw press action is used to extract the liquor from the honeycomb instead of a screw press, an extractor can also be used here with the use of centrifugal force and the honey is extracted.

The liquor is extracted and then sieved while saving some of the parts of the honey unwanted debris pollen may be removed out from the honey and it is then packed in jars and sealed and sold out.

so these is the simple processing steps of raw honey.


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Processed honey Process

we have to look into various aspects of the processed honey process, is otherwise called regular honey or pasteurized. Pasteurization is the major operation which is carried out in case of pasteurization so there are six major steps

  1. Initial extraction is the same way similar to the extraction we saw in raw honey processing after extraction, it is filtered using two or three measures so that pure liquid form is obtained for the processed honey.
  2. Dehumidification step relative humidity of honey should be 18 to 18.5 so in if the value exceeds or if the value is less we have to do dehumidification step in case of small batches with a normal vacuum cleaner to dehumidify or in case of large processing we have to use a hot room and the temperature should be maintained at a particular level for 12 to 36 hours completely so that dehumidification occurs.
  3. After the dehumidification step liquid faction process. Additional substitute sweeteners are used  For example, the multirole syrup can be used artificial sweeteners saccharin can also be used corn syrup can be used so these can impart sweetness as well as help in a liquid faction of the honey so that the honey will be in a certain liquid faction level. Raw honey will be thick turbid and cloudy but when you see into process honey it will be transparent in nature it will be highly liquified so that the liquid faction step is carried out

4.After the liquidation step heating process is carried out so heating it has to be done in a room in a heated room of maintaining a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. Slow mixing of the honey is done so that it easily evenly the heat is distributed throughout the honey so after heating immediately pasteurization is carried out. The pasteurization step is carried out at 72 degrees celsius for 10 seconds only. This process has the ability to kill all the pathogenic microorganisms which are present in the honey.

Pasteurization is the major and crucial step carried out in the processed honey. After pasteurization, a major step is carried out that is the crystallization

  1. Crystallization of the honey. process. People are believing that honey that crystallizes is the original honey. The reason behind this honey has the large number of sugars in it. some are a soluble and large amount of insoluble sugars so as time goes they cannot remain in the suspended state insoluble level and they started to reduce and form crystals so this crystallization

But in raw honey crystallization occurs rapidly but in the case of processed honey crystallization step occurs very slowly. The reason behind is it is stabilized to a particular level of sweetness and that's the reason why crystallization doesn't occur very often. But sometimes some people wanted crystallized honey so that's the reason it is maintained at a particular temperature for a particular period of time to enhance the crystal structure in the honey so honey with a high amount of glucose tends to crystallize easily than the honey containing a high level of fructose so glucose is an insoluble sugar and it easily crystallizes in the case of processed honey and this crystallization step is carried out in the industry itself but in some cases, a crystallization step doesn't occur it takes a prolonged time but to make up this situation industry adds an extra amount of crystallized honey to this and stabilizes

In some cases, the honey is crystallized and finally the crystallized honey is removed and only the remaining liquor is sent out so that it attracts the consumers so these are the various aspects of crystallization in the honey and finally, the honey is packed and vacuum sealed while packaging. It is packed in sterilized containers.


The main difference between raw hand processor is that raw honey contains pollen from the flowers with stick on to the honey bees and it also contains these wax it may contain propolis. Propolis is a substance that is secreted which is a saliva of the bee which is mixed along with bee wax and honey and this substance is called propolis.  It also contains the trees excavate substances and the Propolis substances remain in the raw honey.  In some cases, raw honey may also contain beeswax too. This wax is a substance that is secreted by the honey bee after consuming the honey. This carried out by the labor honey bees so all the labor bees after secreting  remains suspended in the raw honey while in case of process honey the beast hole and the beast propolis and other substances are completely removed


It is believed that raw honey contains natural antibiotics natural antibodies and natural antioxidants due to the presence of pollens. But in the case of processed honey, it is believed that it does not contain much amount of antioxidants as compared to raw honey.

Honey used for a medicated purpose  and health-related purposes  have to go for Raw wild Honey  

Raw honey is sold at a very high price compared to processed honey.


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